Seize the opportunity of quality overseas learning by starting your education in New Zealand

Why the New Zealand ?

New Zealand is emerging as one of the topmost nations for brilliant quality educational infrastructure, which is excellent to start your study abroad. Along with its top-notch education system, excellent research opportunities, and a highly applaudable study environment for education, it serves as one of the most desirable destinations for a student.
So, here's a list of reasons why you should opt for studying in New Zealand.

Globally recognized education:

The highly impressive education of New Zealand comes with enhanced quality. All the eight universities of this country maintain a consistent rank in the QS World Rankings and in Times Higher Education Impact Rankings, which makes them highly regarded than any other universities across the globe.

Brilliant opportunities for research:

New Zealand offers exclusive opportunities for those students who are aspiring to research. The nation comes with highly experienced faculties, along with top-notch laboratories, which let you access the latest technologies and equipment for shaping your research career.

Excellent education system:

The sturdy structure of New Zealand is based on the UK education system, which is highly focused on the overall grooming of a student. It lets you learn while dealing with various situations in a much well-managed and organized manner. It offers you better engagement with your study in New Zealand, which ensures your overall enlightenment.

Top-notch scope for Ph.D. scholars:

If you are thinking of pursuing your doctoral degrees, New Zealand is the best destination. As a Ph.D. student, you can enjoy brilliant privileges with broader career opportunities. With a tuition fee similar to locals, you can acquire your doctoral degree here.

Opportunity to work alongside studying:

In New Zealand, as a student, you are allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week. Also, you can work full time if you prefer to financially support your study in New Zealand and other expenses while staying there.

Tuition fees in New Zealand

Undergraduate degree $20500-$25000/ year
Master’s degree $19000-$29000/ year
Doctoral degree $6500-$9000/ year
MBA $31000-$50000/ year

Living expenses in New Zealand

Accommodation $565- $640/ month
Food $68- $71/ month
Transport $24/ month
Entertainment $37/ month
Mobile phone plan $6.75/ month
Utilities $15.50/ month

Universities and Courses

New Zealand is home to many universities with a higher range of study programs, scholarships, research scope, and many other educational opportunities, which offer you top-notch education. So, here are a few famous universities to study in New Zealand.

Rank Universities
1 The University of Auckland
2 University of Otago
3 Victoria University of Wellington
4 University of Canterbury
5 Massey University
6 University of Waikato
7 Lincoln University
8 Auckland University of technology
9 Eastern Institute of Technology
10 Wellington Institute of Technology


While studying in New Zealand, you are simply going to get the chance to unleash plenty of educational courses, which align with your interest and future goals. Almost all the universities offer you the preferred courses, which let you fulfill your study the way you want.

So, the following are a few popular courses in New Zealand.

  • Foundation studies
  • University transfer program
  • Postgraduate diploma degree
  • Master’s program
  • Diploma degrees
  • Bachelor degrees
  • Bachelor degrees
  • Bachelor in medicine and surgery

Career Opporinity

There is a wide array of career opportunities that await you, as per your interest and aim. The job opportunities come with a flexible salary structure and preferable job hours, making it great to start your career in New Zealand.
Here are the popular career opportunities to unleash in New Zealand.

Jobs Median Salary in NZD
Health services manager 185000
Physician 187000
Ophthalmologist 196000
Pathologist 204500
Judge 412000
Chief executive 560000
Radiation oncologist 387000
Fishing skipper 205000
Ship’s master 187000

Visa & More

With easy Visa processing, make your dream of studying in New Zealand come true

VISA Rules

While you are thinking of starting your education in New Zealand, you will have to meet all the rules and requirements for Visa processing.

So, here are some of the rules you need to follow to get your Visa for New Zealand at ease.

  • Your current passport or any other travel-related document
  • Passport-size pictures
  • Proof of the offer of a place from an approved educational center
  • Evidence showing that you are financially strong to pay your tuition fees
  • Proof of funds with at least $15000 per year to cover all your living expenses
  • Copy of the air ticket home or evidence of having enough money to buy one
  • If you are under 18, then you have to show the accommodation guarantee
  • A medical certificate to show that you are completely fit
  • Evidence of your Visa application fee

Visa Categories

For a full-time study in New Zealand up to a stipulated period, you will need a New Zealand Student Visa. It is a must-have for your abroad study programs.


  • Valid passport for at least three months beyond your period of staying in New Zealand
  • Completed Student Visa application form INZ 1012
  • Application fee payment receipt
  • Offer of a place from a New Zealand institute or University
  • Letter from the current institution confirming your student status
  • Health insurance proof
  • Health certificate
  • Character certificate
  • Two-passport size photos

Fees and Finances

Here are the expenses given for student Visa processing in New Zealand.

Visa Processing Fees
Visa application online NZD 330+INR 747
Visa application via post
USD 222+INR 1124